Dannah Marie Hidalgo

Iho Iho

Iho Iho
Acrylic and Oil
24 inches x 30 inches


Dannah Mari Hidalgo (1994.) is a Filipina American artist based in Hawai i. Hidalgo received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (Painting,) and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Hawai i at Mnoa in 2019, and has attended the Lorenzo de  Medici Institute in Florence, Italy in 2015 and 2016. An emerging artist, Hidalgo has participated in group shows locally at Kailua Gallery, University of Hawai i at Manoa, and at Honolulu Museum of Art School, and has exhibited a solo show at Hawai i Pacific University. Her work often explores human experiences and relationships through paint, offering a sense of familiarity in a deconstructed and consolidated space.

Iho Iho is the reflection of the physical spaces my family occupies. Immigrant families live a dichotomous life -often there is an attempt to maintain ties to the motherland and instill that same desire to the next generation while adapting to the new country. Our Wahiawa, Hawaii home is painted over the apartment we have in Manila, Philippines. Despite having now lived in the US longer, both my Filipino American parents stress the importance of having a physical space in the Philippines as a means of maintaining our Filipino identity in an ever globalizing world of a Westernized generation.