David Luchak

Kamilo’iki Valley Kamehame Ridge - Mornings

Kamilo’iki Valley Kamehame Ridge – Mornings
Oil on Canvas
42 inches x 50 inches


Artist Statement

‘Kamilo’iki Valley Kamehame Ridge Mornings, 40”x48” oil on canvas

During the COVID pandemic, in the spirit of sheltering in place, I have repeatedly returned to the same spot to paint. The paintings that developed during this ongoing series made me more fully aware that even though the location is the same the experience is different every time. The inspiration of my connection to the natural surroundings gives variety to the interpretation of what I see as the painting emerges on the canvas. Each image is alive with possibility.

I wanted these paintings to be seen as a group not individual parts of a series so I mounted and framed them together. This grouped format presents these paintings together to enable the viewer a wholistic visual experience.

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