Edd Tokarz Harnas


Pencil and Acrylic
11 inches x 14 inches

Can't Be Too Careful

Can’t Be Too Careful
Pencil and Acrylic
8 inches x 10 inches



I like to make pictures. I usually work small. I want the piece to pull the viewer closer in order to discover what might be happening. Viewers often point out the “light touch” in my draftsmanship, and many are drawn to “the eyes”.  And now with covered faces, the eyes hold even more importance as windows to the personality.

My pictures are basically a record of a moment in time. I often work from old photos, because human expression is timeless. The viewer can feel the connection when they can relate to the experience depicted.

Previously, a roll of 24 exposures was a precious commodity, carefully rationed for special people and events.  Now people click countless digital images (per day!), and just as effortlessly forget about them. In previous generations, photos were valued, but as those people have gone, the remaining photos fall through the cracks. From flea markets to the internet, there are decades of these forgotten photos.

I sometimes revive some of those images, the people or their situations, as part of my art.


Except for attending an occasional workshop, Harnas is a self-developed artist who enjoys experimenting with technique, media and subject matter. His interpretations vary from the charming aspects of the Hawaii landscape amid urban sprawl, to the landmarks of his birthplace in upstate New York, to portraiture and figure studies. Selected by noted art curators, critics and fellow artists, Harnas’ work has been included in many exhibitions across the United States. His paintings and drawings continue to find enthusiastic collectors across several continents.