Frances L. Wong

Enter New Horizons - Exit Corona

Enter New Horizons – Exit Corona
12 inches X 36 inches


16 inches x 20 inches


After near fifty years in the hospitality service, retirement allowed Frances to pursue her craving to create art in some form.  Started taking classes from UH Outreach College and the Honolulu Museum of Art, studying with instructor/artists; Mark N. Brown, Anthony Lee, George Woollard, Roger Whitlock, Jimmy Tablante, Herb Lee, Ken Okuno and others.  Continues to take classes.  ” There is never an end to learning, everyday is a new experience or opportunity to fulfill one’s dreams and hopes and share them with others.”

“Creating art allows me to express and attempt to capture the beauty of nature and people.  Ever so briefly, I escape the challenges of life and immerse myself in a world still yet to be discovered. I want people to look at my art and feel the soul of it. Art is fascinating for me, from the Great Masters to my grandchildren’s simple but expressive art from their hearts.”

Member of Association of Hawaii Artists, Hawaii Watercolor Society, Windward Artist Guild.

Scripts about selected art pieces:

ENTER NEW HORIZONS – EXIT CORONA:  2020, Indeed a challenging year!  Altered art life in many ways, positive & negative. Began this painting depicting the sign of the times, spheres of the Coronavirus, the 24/7 news for months with no end in sight.  NO, no, no, be gone.  Tried to obliterate those images but linger they did,(underlying spheres remain). Time for a change!  Enter New Horizons, with new energy, new spirit, new strengths, new hopes and dreams.

WABI – SABI: ( Japanese form of culture philosophy centered on acceptance of trans science and imperfection).  A dear 96 year old Japanese said, “Please enjoy this plant, I had much pleasure watching it grow & flourish, it brought beauty to my life”.  New leaves sprout, pale green. Time turns them green, intense & vibrant, mature, full of energy.  Making way for the new, the elders wan to a earthy brown, droop & fall from their life source. ” We are moved to the next phase of life, lined and wrinkled, I am not still a beauty?”