Hazel Ito

Lilting Pleasure

Lilting Pleasure
Mixed Media
22 inches x 29.5 inches

Hazel Ito
Video/Sound, 1:25



Hazel Ito is an Australian artist based in Hawaii. She received her BFA from the College of Fine Arts (UNSW, Sydney) with a focus on video, and studied abstract painting at the National Art School in Sydney.

She finds inspiration in culture, nature and the world around her, as well as the internal world of her imagination. Her diverse art practice ranges from children’s picture books and mixed-media pieces to time-based work.


Gaze – A poetic micro-short video and sound work created in response to the 2020 pandemic. This one-person video-making process began as writing, which evolved into a sound piece, and video footage was layered onto this.

Lilting Pleasure – An abstract, gestural mixed media work created by activating the paper, overloading it, and paring it back in a gradual process of playing with negative space to direct the viewers’ eye in a lyrical way. This work was created in response to the 2020 pandemic, and the complex range of emotions experienced, here with a focus on the positive.