I am an artist and a gardener…of my own
work…and society.
The purpose of my work is to connect us and foster conversations that hopefully lead to something greater than ourselves.

Jodi Endicott

The artworks of award-winning artist Jodi Endicott have been featured in solo or group
exhibitions in museums and galleries in the United States, Japan, and Korea including the
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum; the Hawaii State Art Museum; the Contemporary Museum in
Honolulu, Hawaii; the Ferrin Gallery in Pittsfield, Massachusetts; In addition, her work is in public, corporate, and private collections, including those of the City and County of Honolulu; the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts; Alexander & Baldwin, and Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.

She received an MFA from the University of Hawaii in Manoa.


Contemporary Art Exhibition
Juror Statement
Jodi Endicott
November 17, 2020

Artists today, reflect our time, our world, in the work we create.
Many of us use our work to make sense of the incongruent happenings that surround us. This year has been especially challenging with a worldwide pandemic, economic shutdown, divisive social and political systems. In addition, the impact of global warming and climate change has further added to the chaos that surrounds us. It is a tumultuous time, with constant visual assaults on our psyche. Out of this chasm, are the artists who have sought to sort it all out.

Clearly, that is what is seen in the work presented comprising this exhibition. Much gratitude to these artists who pull us together and remind us to focus on what is good in this world as they reflect this time.

These artists are showing us their emotive visions, as we see things somewhat differently, through their eyes. Clouds, mountains, and other related aspects of nature lead us to take note of something larger than ourselves. While other paintings are comprised of disrupted lines and incomplete imagery that seem to encourage us to complete the journey. And the multiple empty pathways appear to lead us to an open horizon as we look to the future.

Jodi Endicott.