Kelly Kimura

Jazz Man

Jazz Man
13 inches x 9 inches


A lifelong resident of Oahu, Kelly grew up in the small plantation town of Waialua in the days when sugar was still king. She has spent most of her career as administrative support in the healthcare industry and is a watercolor artist in her free time.

Kelly’s artwork has earned awards and recognition in exhibitions held by the Hawaii Watercolor Society, Association of Hawaii Artists and Ho’omaluhia Invitational. You can find more of her work at or on Instagram: @miyuki.arts.

Artist Statement

Through my paintings, I strive to convey the emotion I felt when viewing the scene. Be it joy, awe, sadness, respect, or any reaction, I would love to share it with you through my work. Mostly, I hope my art brings you peace.

The idea for “Jazz Man” came to me during a concert by guitar virtuoso, Stanley Jordan, at Blue Note in Honolulu. As his fingers poured melodies from his soul, the notes resonating with my own, I was mesmerized. Could I visually recreate his passion through my own artistic medium? I would be delighted if you feel as uplifted as I was, or remember a moment in your past when you were so moved by a piece of art.