MaryAnne Long

Mynah Bird on the Wire

Mynah Bird on the Wire
Mixed Media
10 inches x 8 inches


 I found art later in life.  Or maybe art found me???  Regardless, it has become a wonderful way to spend my time in retirement.

I started with oil painting, but have switched to several other media, including watercolor, gouache, India ink, and even my custom-made chocolate paint.

Sketching with graphite pencil or watercolor pencils is something I try to do daily.  I always carry a sketch kit with me.

New for me is abstract art.  I find that using India inks over gouache paint gives me freedom to create exciting new pieces, such as the mynah bird in this show.


Whimsy often takes over my paintings as it did with the Mynah Bird on the Wire.

It is painted with gouache and India ink.  I credit Leonard Cohen with the inspiration for this painting.  Hope you take a moment to listen.  Mahalo.