Tae Ja Koki

Lost Images

Lost Images
Mixed Media
14 inches x 17 inches


I was born and schooled in Korea

With dream of becoming an artist. I worked as an illustrations with a comic book company for two yers prior to moving to Hawaii in1971.

Studied with DianeKim and Alan Leitner and drawings with Micheal Harada.Attended the Atelier class at Windward C.C.with Snowden Hodges and also studied with George Woollard and Roger Whitlock joind a watercolor workshop with Ong sang Kim of Singapore as well as class on encaustic painting and Collage Classes with Paul Levitt at Lilikona Academy of

Art. I am currently a member of the Korean Artist of Hawaii. Hawaii Water color Society and Association of Hawaii Artists.

Artist Statement

 I have been fortunate to have

Attended numerous classes

With different instructors with

A wide range of styles and Techniques which has inspired many of my paintings. The art of

Painting has shaped my life and