Tamara Moan


Watercolor and Acrylic
24 inches x 24 inches

Angst Scream Through Gritted Teeth

Angst Scream Through Gritted Teeth
Mixed Media
24 inches x 12 inches


Tamara Moan received her art training at the University of Washington, earning a BFA in graphic design in 1985. She later received an MA in literature and creative writing from the University of Hawai i. She currently lives and works in Kailua, Hawai i. She s an active member of the Hawai i Watercolor Society and the Honolulu Printmakers and has served on the boards of both organizations. Her paintings hang in the collection at Aulani Disney Resort and in the maternity ward at Kapi olani Medical Center in Honolulu. Her work may be viewed at http://www.tamaramoan.com and www.fineartassociates.com


My pieces came out of a series I produced during the pandemic’s stay-at-home period earlier this year. I reused old work, cutting it into segments then rearranging the segments and reworking the whole several times. What I enjoy about the process is the lower layers that persist and come through to the surface, even after repeated reworkings. This time has been so full of challenges–public health, social justice, climate change, politics, with plenty of personal crises thrown in as well. “Angst Scream” captures the emotion of one of the period’s more difficult weeks while “Reprieve” conveys my sense of renewed energy and hope as we were emerging from our lockdown period in early June.