Young-Hee Sweet

Lucky Pond

Lucky Pond
30 inches by 24 inches


Young Hee Sweet was born and raised in South Korea.  She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Metal Art from Seoul National University of Science and Technology and a Master of Arts in Jewelry Design from Hong-Ik University in South Korea.  Her work has been exhibited internationally, including venues such as Ga Na gallery in Seoul, Methodist College Hall in North Carolina and University of Iowa Art gallery.  Her work was selected for display in the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th Annual Greater Korean Craft Competitions.  Sweet draws inspirations from natural beauty that surrounds her in Hawai’i where she has been residing since 2013, after living in Italy and Germany for four years. Sweet works and lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Nature is my subject matter of choice and oil paintings are currently my medium of choice and a knife, my primary tool and a thin brush to fine tune, its supportive companion; this medium enables me to continue working until my creative vision is codified and I know when that state has been reached when I can see my unconscious state reflected on the canvas. 

My inspiration is nature, particularly the water and waves of the ocean, the constant imparting of flowing energy. The planted seed sprouts out into the world, grows and blooms into a flower. It is my sincerest hope that my paintings impart joy and comfort to viewers in a way we respond to beautiful fragrant flowers.